St. Charles County ranks in the Top 5
for child well-being by Missouri Kids Count!

Well-being is the experience of health, happiness, and prosperity.  It includes having good mental health, high life satisfaction, a sense of meaning or purpose, and ability to manage stress.  Annually, the Missouri Kids Count looks at a variety of factors in each Missouri county, then ranks the County according to their score.  St. Charles County consistently ranks in the top 5 out of 114 Missouri counties.

Determining Community Impact

Community Impact is the desired end result of multiple strategically-designed funding and intervention efforts to improve the well-being of children, youth and families, or to put it in other words, a social return on investment. It is believed that community impact occurs in collaboration when multiple organizations leverage funding, clinical expertise and other resources.

Our social service agency partners monitor the effectiveness of their programs with the families they serve, keeping track of the percentages of children and youth who reach various outcomes, and while it still needs to be determined if there is a causal connection between specific program outcomes and community impact, there is no doubt we have witnessed a co-occurrence of strong clinical outcomes and significant community impact.

For the full report, download the 2004-2017 Community Impact Trends for St. Charles County.

Strategic History and Logic Model

The CCRB founding Board members designed their funding system for children’s mental health services in 2005, with a desire to:

  • improve accessibility of services geographically,
  • expand the funding for services within each of the ten (10) service areas allowable by state statute, and
  • make a difference in the greater St. Charles County community.

They determined that every funded program needed use prevention, early intervention, or intensive treatment methods, as well as monitor and report on at least three (3) clinical outcomes for the children and youth served.

If we invest in best practice programs to an expanded number of children, and if agencies in partnership with the families they treated were successful with these services, the end result will be movement in terms of child well-being in the greater community – or seeing “the needle move” from high risk factors to more protective and positive factors.

We See Tremendous Results!

Click on the individual issues below to see the community impacts that have occurred since 2004. Each area will highlight a community impact, the source of the data, and the agency programs that we believe have addressed these concerns.