In July 2022, St. Charles County allocated $2.2 million in funds from the American Recovery Act Plan (ARPA) to increase access to youth mental health and substance use treatment services and give services providers a way to offset lost revenue and increased expenses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. The CCRB was selected as the fund administer and recipients have through December 2026 to use their awards.

There are three broad categories of funding allowable: direct grants to agencies to compensate for lost revenues during the pandemic, capital projects, and direct services or programs for youth.

The following awards were granted by the CCRB in October 2022.

Agency Purpose Award
Capital Projects
Big Brothers Big Sisters Laptops and Monitors  $4,800.00
Boys & Girls Club Parking lot repairs  $52,000.00
Boys & Girls Club Sports Court  $35,808.27
Child Advocacy Center Office Space Buildout  $118,608.00
Community Living New sinks and recreational equipment at respite center  $5,543.76
Crisis Nursery HVAC and Electrical Work  $15,600.00
Family Forward Technology for new Trauma facility in Maryland Heights  $35,059.80
Megan Meier Computer Security  $4,763.00
Megan Meier Data System Consultation  $5,563.00
Preferred Family Outpatient-Curriculum, 2 Ipads, green space  $24,476.14
Preferred Family Team Of Concern-Curriculum  $18,782.00
Preferred Family Domestic Violence Shelter-Electrical work and electronic health records  $25,300.00
Treehouse Window Replacement  $10,000.00
Treehouse Security Cameras  $10,000.00
Youth In Need Foundation repair at Counseling Center  $4,400.00
Youth In Need Transtional Living Program-Plumbing repairs  $5,051.00
Youth In Need Emergency Shelter-painting  $22,000.00
Youth In Need Emergency Shelter-HVAC  $9,940.00
Youth In Need Roof replacement at Counseling Center  $24,000.00
Youth In Need Transitional Living Program-painting  $19,000.00
Youth In Need HVAC repairs at Counseling Center  $11,250.00
Service Grants
CHADS Staff retention and training  $20,350.00
Crisis Nursery Staff Retention  $11,410.00
Megan Meier Hiring of additional staff.  $44,418.00
Our Lady’s Inn Hiring of 3 staff, salary increases for current staff  $140,000.00
Youth in Need Training-Counseling program  $5,000.00
Youth In Need Training-Residential Staff Training for Emergency Shelter and TLP  $10,000.00
Youth In Need Staff Retention-Counseling, Emergency Shelter and TLP  $139,000.00
Total  $832,122.97


  • November 2022, United 4 Children was granted $19,900.00 to provide early childhood education services in St. Charles County. They provide comprehensive services to childcare and after school programs that address the many needs of the whole-child, meeting caregivers where they are and guiding them with the knowledge and skills necessary to ensure that children feel safe, engaged, supported and challenged by qualified and caring adults.
  • $50,000.00 was granted to Behavioral Health Response for utilities and services related to serving St. Charles County residents.
  • December 2022, UMSL Center for Behavioral Health was granted $50,625.00 for office renovations.



In March 2023, the CCRB Board approved a second round of ARPA funding for the remaining $1 million. The criteria remained the same as the first round. Funds were allocated as listed.

Agency Purpose Award
Capital Projects
Boys & Girls Clubs Restroom Renovation $78,103.00
CHADS Equipment $2,098.00
CHADS Satellite Space $498.00
Community Living Sensory Room $7,931.80
Community Living Living Room $9,758.68
Community Living Therapy Room $1,422.25
Community Living Art Room $8,862.22
Community Living Chill Room $4,287.70
Community Living Rec Room $8,659.97
Compass Youth Urgent Care Clinic $214,160.00
Crisis Nursery Driveway $29,000.00
Crisis Nursery Facilities $95,010.00
FACT Computers $14,112.96
FACT Bookbags $11,561.76
FACT Doors $4,438.00
FACT Website Update $5,500.00
Family Forward Developmental Trauma Center $75,000.00
LINC Roof $4,600.00
LINC HVAC $9,900.00
LINC Sunshade $4,200.00
LINC Flooring $3,790.00
Preferred Family Healthcare O/P Tx Training & Technology $46,164.12
Preferred Family Healthcare Flooring & Doors $50,226.45
Preferred Family Healthcare Domestic Violence Center $8,439.48
Saint Louis Counseling Furniture, laptops,& supplies $25,000.00
St. Joachim & Ann Care Service Equipment $7,228.00
Sparrow’s Nest Garage Demolition $10,000.00
Sparrow’s Nest Shed $4,489.65
United Services for Children Outside Play Shade $84,385.00
Youth In Need Shelter Door Locks $24,660.00
Youth In Need TLP Door Locks $13,660.00
Youth In Need Flooring $13,067.50
Youth In Need Database $9,922.00
Service Grants
CHADs Training $17,500.00
CHADs Dangers of Mind Curriculum $9,000.00
CHADs Therapeutic Supplies $4,000.00
Community Council Pay increases $55,000.00
Lutheran Family & Children’s Services Training/Supplies $9,750.00
Megan Meier Foundation Staff Retention $39,709.00
Preferred Family Healthcare TOC-Pay Increases $20,857.50
Preferred Family Healthcare O/P Treatment-Pay Increases $27,424.00
Saint Louis Counseling Training $7,500.00
Total $1,080,877.04